Celebrating Stanford’s Scholar-Athlete Heritage

Stanford’s National Championships

YearSportNo. in That SportHead Coach
First national title in bold, * = AIAW, ^ = ICYRA, + = Other, ! = Unofficial, # = U.S. Collegiate, & = IRA, o = Unofficial title
1924-25Men's Track and Field 1Dink Templeton
1926-27Football (Rissman) 1-RissmanPop Warner
1927-28Men's Track and Field2Dink Templeton
1933-34Men's Track and Field3Dink Templeton
1936-37Men's Basketball (Helms)1-HelmsJohn W. Bunn
1937-38Men's Basketball (Helms)2-HelmsJohn W. Bunn
1937-38Men's Golf1Eddie Twiggs
1938-39Men's Golf2Eddie Twiggs
1940-41Men's Golf3Eddie Twiggs
1941-42Men's Basketball3-- 1-NCAA, 2-HelmsEverett Dean
1941-42Men's Golf4Eddie Twiggs
1941-42Men's Tennis (unofficial) 1John Lamb
1945-46Men's Golf5Eddie Twiggs
1952-53Men's Golf6Bud Finger
1963-64Men's Water Polo (unofficial) 1*Jim Gaughran
1966-67Men's Swimming 1Jim Gaughran
1972-73Men's Tennis2*Dick Gould
1973-74Men's Tennis3*Dick Gould
1976-77Men's Tennis4*Dick Gould
1976-77Men's Water Polo2*Art Lambert
1977-78Men's Tennis5*Dick Gould
1977-78Women's Tennis (AIAW) 1-AIAWAnne Gould
1978-79Men's Water Polo3*Dante Dettamanti
1979-80Women's Swimming (AIAW) 1-AIAWClaudia Kolb Thomas
1979-80Men's Tennis6*Dick Gould
1980-81Men's Water Polo4*Dante Dettamanti
1980-81Men's Tennis7*Dick Gould
1981-82Men's Water Polo5*Dante Dettamanti
1981-82Women's Tennis2-- 1-NCAA, 1-AIAWFrank Brennan
1982-83Women's Swimming2-- 1-NCAA, 1-AIAWGeorge Haines
1982-83Men's Tennis8*Dick Gould
1983-84Women's Tennis3-- 2-NCAA, 1-AIAWFrank Brennan
1984-85Men's Swimming2Skip Kenney
1985-86Men's Water Polo6*Dante Dettamanti
1985-86Men's Swimming3Skip Kenney
1985-86Women's Tennis4-- 3-NCAA, 1-AIAWFrank Brennan
1985-86Men's Tennis9*Dick Gould
1986-87Men's Water Polo7*Dante Dettamanti
1986-87Men's Swimming4Skip Kenney
1986-87Women's Tennis5-- 4-NCAA, 1-AIAWFrank Brennan
1986-87Baseball 1Mark Marquess
1987-88Men's Tennis10*Dick Gould
1987-88Women's Tennis6-- 5-NCAA, 1-AIAWFrank Brennan
1987-88Baseball2Mark Marquess
1988-89Women's Swimming3-- 2-NCAA, 1-AIAWRichard Quick
1988-89Men's Tennis11*Dick Gould
1988-89Women's Tennis7-- 6-NCAA, 1-AIAWFrank Brennan
1989-90Women's Basketball 1Tara VanDerveer
1989-90Women's Tennis8-- 7-NCAA, 1-AIAWFrank Brennan
1989-90Men's Tennis12*Dick Gould
1990-91Women's Tennis9-- 8-NCAA, 1-AIAWFrank Brennan
1991-92Women's Basketball2Tara VanDerveer
1991-92Men's Swimming5Skip Kenney
1991-92Women's Swimming4-- 3-NCAA, 1-AIAWRichard Quick
1991-92Men's Gymnastics 1Sadao Hamada
1991-92Men's Tennis13*Dick Gould
1992-93Women's Volleyball1Don Shaw
1992-93Men's Swimming6Skip Kenney
1992-93Women's Swimming5-- 4-NCAA, 1-AIAWRichard Quick
1992-93Men's Gymnastics2Sadao Hamada
1993-94Men's Water Polo8*Dante Dettamanti
1993-94Men's Swimming7Skip Kenney
1993-94Women's Swimming6-- 5-NCAA, 1-AIAWRichard Quick
1993-94Men's Golf7Wally Goodwin
1994-95Men's Water Polo9*Dante Dettamanti
1994-95Women's Volleyball2Don Shaw
1994-95Women's Swimming6-- 5-NCAA, 1-AIAWRichard Quick
1994-95Men's Gymnastics3Sadao Hamada
1994-95Men's Tennis14*Dick Gould
1995-96Women's Swimming7-- 6-NCAA, 1-AIAWRichard Quick
1995-96Men's Tennis15*Dick Gould
1996-97Men's Cross Country 1Vin Lananna
1996-97Women's Cross Country 1Vin Lananna
1996-97Women's Volleyball3Don Shaw
1996-97Coed Sailing (ICYRA)1-ICYRASteve Bourdow
1996-97Men's Volleyball 1Ruben Nieves
1996-97Men's Tennis16*Dick Gould
1996-97Women's Tennis10-- 9-NCAA, 1-AIAWFrank Brennan
1997-98Men's Cross Country2Vin Lananna
1997-98Women's Volleyball4Don Shaw
1997-98Synchronized Swimming (U.S. Collegiate)1-U.S. CollegiateVickey Weir
1997-98Women's Swimming8-- 7-NCAA, 1-AIAWRichard Quick
1997-98Men's Swimming8Skip Kenney
1997-98Men's Tennis17*Dick Gould
1998-99Syncronized Swimming (U.S. Collegiate)2-U.S. CollegiateGail Emory
1998-99Women's Tennis11-- 10-NCAA, 1-AIAWFrank Brennan
1999-2000Men's Tennis18*Dick Gould
1999-2000Men's Track and Field4Vin Lananna
2000-01Women's Tennis12-- 11-NCAA, 1-AIAWLele Forood
2001-02Men's Water Polo10*Dante Dettamanti
2001-02Women's Volleyball5John Dunning
2001-02Women's Water Polo1John Tanner
2001-02Women's Tennis13-- 12-NCAA, 1-AIAWLele Forood
2002-03Men's Cross Country3Vin Lananna
2002-03Men's Water Polo11*Dante Dettamanti
2003-04Men's Cross Country4Andrew Gerard
2003-04Women's Cross Country2Dena Evans
2003-04Women's Tennis14-- 13-NCAA, 1-AIAWLele Forood
2004-05Women's Volleyball6John Dunning
2004-05Synchronized Swimming (U.S. Collegiate)3-U.S. CollegiateHeather Olson
2004-05Women's Tennis15-- 14-NCAA, 1-AIAWLele Forood
2005-06Women's Cross Country3Peter Tegen
2005-06Synchronized Swimming (U.S. Collegiate)4-U.S. CollegiateHeather Olson
2005-06Women's Tennis16-- 15-NCAA, 1-AIAWLele Forood
2006-07Women's Cross Country4Peter Tegen
2006-07Synchronized Swimming (U.S. Collegiate)5-U.S. CollegiateHeather Olson
2006-07Men's Golf7Conrad Ray
2007-08Women's Cross Country5Peter Tegen
2007-08Synchronized Swimming (U.S. Collegiate)6-U.S. CollegiateHeather Olson
2008-09Men's Gymnastics4Thom Glielmi
2008-09Women's Rowing 1Yasmin Farooq
2009-10Men's Volleyball2John Kosty
2009-10Women's Tennis17-- 16-NCAA, 1-AIAWLele Forood
2009-10Women's Lightweight Rowing (IRA)1-IRAAl Acosta
2010-11Men's Gymnastics5Thom Glielmi
2010-11Women’s Lightweight Rowing2Al Acosta
2010-11Women’s Water Polo2John Tanner
2011-2012Women's Soccer1Paul Ratcliffe
2011-2012Women's Water Polo3John Tanner
2012-2013Women's Tennis18-- 17-NCAA, 1-AIAWLele Forood