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I Got Bounce

  • Melanie Murphy, ‘10 by Melanie Murphy, ‘10 Communication Stanford Women’s Basketball

Lyrics by Melanie “Mel” Murphy; performed by Mel and the Stanford Women’s Basketball team.

In writing the lyrics, I was inspired by our team, as well as the overall success of Stanford Athletics. Although the slogan for athletics is “The Cardinal Rules,” the theme for our team in particular is “Got Bounce?” which is a play on “Got Milk?”

I wrote the first verse without a beat. After I recorded the chorus and my first verse a cappella, the beat was added.

“Bounce” refers to not only “hops” on the court, but also if someone has “juice” or “swag.” I love to use metaphors and I like that the song can have these alternate meanings.

The actual lyrics were inspired partly by Drake, “Nails done, hair done, I’m looking so fancy,” by team accomplishments and swag, “All dressed up in her red carpet wear” (in the Final Four in San Antonio, we literally walked down a red carpet), and by other teams’ accomplishments. “BCS flow with a little bit of luck” is a shout out to the football team and Andrew Luck; “We all hold our own bringing home the D Cup” shouts out to every sport since we all make our own contributions to winning the Directors’ Cup.

I have written other songs as well, my favorite being “Wanna Make It,” but I do not consider myself a musician. I do not work on it, and I feel that calling me a rapper takes away from actual rappers who work tirelessly to hone their craft. I’m just enjoying my college years, trying to have fun, and occasionally I hear a beat that inspires me.

I love to say, “I’m not a rapper; I just put words together and talk a little bit faster.”

Melanie “Mel” Murphy is a 5th year point guard on the Stanford women’s basketball team.  She will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Communication and a master’s degree in Communication Media Studies.  Mel is an entrepreneur at heart and hopes to return home to New York City to start basketball clinics and camps as well as be a talent manager.  She currently manages Candice Wiggins’ career and would like to help other athletes and entertainers start their own businesses.